Nigerians Call For Arrest Of All Buhari’s Appointees
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Nigerians have requested President Bola Tinubu to order the arrest and probe of everyone that worked under the last administration of Muhammadu Buhari over alleged fraud.

By Cypher Ilerioluwa
Duduspree News, Texas

This is as a former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani, alleged that the Buhari administration used to borrow money from the Central Bank of Nigeria under the suspended CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, without prior approvals.

After Emefiele had been arrested by the DSS, Sani tweeted that: “The Buhari government withdrew money from the CBN, spent it and then went to the National Assembly to seek for an approval of the money they have already spent. That was how the country was governed.”

Reacting, Nigerians on Twitter said all that worked with Buhari, and not only Emefiele should be given the embattled CBN Governor’s treatment.

“Everyone in Buhari’s government needs to be arrested and put away for a long time,” said Mazi Nzeako.

Bashiru AbdulAziz stated that: “People equate a low-key lifestyle with integrity. A bigger corruption is when under your watch, everybody in your government was an authority and no accountability. A minister could even come out to tell us that he knew nothing about the portfolio given to him. Chai!”

Jasper Kalu commented that: “What happened to the dismissed Accountant General of the Federation? Until there are serious consequences, these things will keep repeating. Emefiele will be questioned and released, at most, by next week his lawyers will file for his release. We know how this story always ends.”

Emmanuel Chick asked: “Why can’t Buhari get arrested for this? Why is Emefiele the scapegoat?”

Lucas maintained that: “Not much outcome will be expected. Emefiele is backed by the high and mighty cabals. Until Nigeria will legislate a law that will strip the ex-presidents of their immunities and allow them to face justice. Emefiele did not act on his own; he took directives from his principal, Buhari.”

@Okeykingsman queried: “When will the DSS arrest the Minister of Finance turned Minister of Borrowing? When will they arrest the Minister of Petroleum that could not remit a dime into the government’s account throughout the Russian oil boom? Deceit and lies everywhere.”

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