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By Cypher Ilerioluwa

Duduspree News, Texas

The leader of Redemption Apostolic Church at Gogobole in Louis Trichardt Under Vhembe Municipality and one of his church members drowned while he was baptising new members at the Phiphidi Dam on Thursday.

According to a police spokesperson, Col Mamphaswa Seabi, the incident occurred when three of the church members (including Mufamadi and Tshivhombela) fell into the dam during the baptising ceremony.

Reportedly drowned while busy conducting a baptismal ritual at the dam when they fell into the water.

Misunderstanding of physical world and spiritual world.. Baptism in water doesn’t make you spiritually.. In the physical sphere water kills if you can’t swim.You can’t change tht.. Don’t in water if you can’t swim.

One of them managed to swim out, but the other two were overpowered by the water. Their bodies were later retrieved by police search and rescue divers.

”These once are just like south African women who keeps on getting destroyed by the foreign men. They don’t listen.I walk on water but I ain’t no jesus I walk on water but only when it freezes coz I’m only human just like you.”

This simply means that Africans (Blacks) doesn’t know anything about man made religion.

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