AFRI 24- #worldnews Sports- HORSE RACING-Eoghan O'Grady |MMA-Muhammad Vs Burns |FOOTBALL-Guardiola Won’t Let His Team Relax |Ba-awa | Duduspree FM Radio
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AFRI 24- #worldnews Sports- HORSE RACING-Eoghan O’Grady |MMA-Muhammad vs Burns |FOOTBALL-Guardiola won’t let his team relax |Ba-awa

AFRI 24- #worldnews Sports- HORSE RACING-Eoghan O’Grady |MMA-Muhammad vs Burns |FOOTBALL-Guardiola won’t let his team relax |Ba-awa

Eoghan O’Grady appointed new manager of Cork Racecourse at Mallow.

Former amateur jockey and successful trainer Eoghan O’Grady has been appointed manager at Cork Racecourse in Mallow. O’Grady takes up the role with immediate effect as Andrew Hogan moves to Tipperary Racecourse ahead of a major redevelopment at the track.

2. MMA –
UFC 288 Gets New Five Round Co-Main Event in Muhammad vs Burns.
UFC President Dana White has announced that UFC 288 on May 6 has a new co-main event in the form of a five round welterweight bout between top ranked contenders Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola won’t let his team relax against pesky Bayern Munich side in Champions League.
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola knows all about the atmosphere at the Allianz Arena — try to do better than the opponent in this game. If you think about what we’ve done in the past, it would be a big mistake not to do our game – that’s what we’ve talked about in the last few days,” said Guardiola. “It’s nice to challenge them (Bayern) and travel around Europe to play these teams, we weren’t there one decade ago — we watched on TV. It’s nice to be here and try to make the semifinal once again.”

Ba-awa is a mancala game from Ghana. Although it is played in some of the same regions as oware, the game is simpler and in traditional societies ba-awa is considered a game for women and children. The game is played by the Twi, an Akan people from Ghana.
The ba-awa board has six pits in front of each player, and (optionally) one pit at each end which stores captured seeds.