Global Sport Gists | Ghana’s Gyan Retires From Football | Duduspree FM Radio

Global Sport Gists | Ghana’s Gyan retires from football

Global Sport Gists | Ghana’s Gyan retires from football | #sports #games #africa #afrika #world

FOOTBALL- Ghana’s Gyan retires from football.
Ghanaian football legend, Asamoah Gyan, 37, on Tuesday, announced his official retirement from football.
The former striker made the announcement via his verified Twitter handle, @ASAMOAH_GYAN3.

He tweeted, “I want to take this great opportunity, a stage that is difficult in every footballer’s career, a moment all footballers do not wish, but when nature dawns, that thin voice will keep echoing into the ears.”


LAKO: Generally, Lako is both an indoor and outdoor game. It is mostly a game played by young girls and boys between the ages of nine and seventeen. Lako can be played by people of the same age group as well as mixed. That is a male and a female can engage one another in playing the game. It is a game that requires high level of concentration. An individual can also play it. What is required is a set of either six pieces of ISE, PALM KERNEL NUTS or PEBBLES each about the size of a cube of sugar.
The game balls, six in number, must be one that a player’s palm can obtain and hold. In playing Lako, the rounds are determined. Five rounds make one set. The rounds begin with the holding all the six items of game in the palm and splash-throw them on the play board. The play board is usually on the floor or on a mat. One of the game’s play items is proven by the turn players. In the beginning round, the player will throw the game item on hand up and must successfully pick one of the five game balls as well as catch the one thrown up. This, the player must repeat five times in the first round. If in the course of the round or any round at all, the player failed to catch or pick without touching another ball, the player is dead set according to the rules of the game. Picking a thrown up game ball without touching another game ball is a little bit difficult. Sometimes when the game is played on a mat, player’s hands must not touch the mat. If the player does, he or she will be accused of having touched the ball. Often, the game may come to some abrupt end as a result of the accusation and denials.

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