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LGBTQ? | Listen to the Sound of Your DNA | WAKE UP CALL

LGBTQ? | Listen to the Sound of Your DNA | WAKE UP CALL #africa #afrika #lgbtq

The acronym LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.
This is a term used to encompass a diverse range of sexual orientations and gender identities. The claim surrounds the historical discrimination and marginalization, and the LGBTQ+ . Their community advocates for equal rights and acceptance for all sexual orientations and gender identities. In Africa, the historic human devaluation remain silenced. Right now, the world fights for minority but left the glaring generational injustice and theft we had, have been, and continue to face. It is important to create a safe and inclusive environment for not just LGBTQ+ individuals, but all the world. Let the world leaders show support for the rights of everyone.
Stop abetting Criminals in Leadership across Africa. Wake Up Africa!. …..
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Wake Up Africa!

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