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Organ Transplant : What they don’t want Africans to Know

Organ Transplant : What they don’t want Africans to Know |WAKE UP CALL #africa #organtrafficking

The illegal harvesting of organs has been reported in Africa. Some individuals have had their organs taken without their consent and sold to people who are willing to pay for transplants. Consequently, there are fewer organs available for donation, leading to fewer life-saving transplants. There is a lack of legal protection for potential donors in Africa, which makes organ harvesting a major issue. Additionally, there is a high demand for organs in the region due to a lack of access to other forms of medical care. Refugees and undocumented individuals have been targeted for organ harvesting because of this black market. As a result, the need for greater legal protection and access to medical care is critical to combat the illegal organ harvesting in Africa.

During organ transplantation, a healthy organ is surgically removed from a donor and transplanted into a recipient whose organ is malfunctioning. It is a life-saving procedure, as the recipient would otherwise not be able to survive without the donor organ. Organ transplantation has greatly advanced in recent years, with doctors now able to perform successful transplants of organs such as hearts, kidneys, livers, and lungs.

Organ harvesting in Africa has become a growing problem in recent years. In some cases, organs are harvested from people who are unaware of the procedure or are coerced into donating organs through threats of violence. This is a serious ethical and humanitarian issue, as it can be exploitative and result in the death of the donor. In many cases, the organs are taken from vulnerable people such as the homeless, refugees, and those living in poverty, who are unaware of the implications of organ donation. This illegal and unethical practice has been condemned by the international community. Organ harvesting in Africa is a serious issue. In some African countries, organs are illegally taken from people who are unable to give consent due to poverty or lack of access to healthcare. This can lead to serious health problems for the donors and can be a major financial burden for the recipients. Governments and healthcare organizations are working to address this issue and provide better access to healthcare and organ donation services in these countries.
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