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By Cypher Ilerioluwa

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A lady is refusing to be consoled after knowing that the man she calls her own is actually married, and he has kids and a family somewhere.

The story is even more pathetic because the lady already has a son for the man, and the son is about one year old.

This lady made this revelation to the anchor of life, love and all, Mapaseka Mokwele of Radio 2000.

The heartbroken lady narrated her ordeal and how much she felt betrayed by the one she thought loved her.

She is subsequently seeking advice on what to do.

An extract from her letter reads, “8pm #lifeloveandall

#TheLetter Dear @mapasekamokwele, I feel absolutely betrayed and used. I gave birth to my son, who is almost a year. I have been in a relationship with his father for 3 years. Furthermore, I am beyond shocked after discovering that this man has been married the entire time”.


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This is a very pathetic story because for three years, the lady did not discover that her partner was married all along.

This is a betrayal to both the man’s wife and family living somewhere, and this young lady who is now his victim.

Issues like this continue to come up in relationships, but why do people hide their marital status from those they claim to love.

Just a few months ago, a young man was left traumatized on his wedding day after discovering that his bride to be is a mother of three kids.

She had never mentioned it to him, and the young man has no kid.

In fact, he spent so much money preparing for the wedding.

This kind of deception always happen in both ways, i.e., both men and women are involved.

What is your advice to this lady? Remember, she already has a son for him.

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