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Blaming the Afghan media outlets operating abroad, the Taliban is all set to charge the news organisations for spreading “propaganda”.

By Abu Nofisat
Duduspree News, Texas

According to the Oki news agency Khaama Press, Abdul Haq Hemad, the director of media assessment at Taliban’s Ministry of Information stated that the Talibani court is planning to prosecute the media outlets in the near future.

The Taliban official criticised the media disseminating anti-regime propaganda’. Ever Since the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan in August 2021, the country has witnessed gross violations of human rights. The brunt of the authoritarian Taliban regime was also faced by several journalists who are trying to report the current condition of the country.

As per the reports from the Khaama press, Hemad asserted, “A decision has been made regarding these media outlets. It is expected that the court’s decision will be announced in the near future’. He then went on to add, ‘No law allows the executive media outlets to operate from outside and promote propaganda against the regime’. The stern statements by the Taliban official come in light of the growing assertiveness of the Talibani regime on the media outlets. According to ANI, the news channels operating in Afghanistan are witnessing heavy restrictions and censorship. In December, the authoritarian regime stated that they were planning to formulate ‘directions’ for the media outlets.

International organizations call out the Taliban regime

The Journalists in Afghanistan who have been trying to report the wrath of the Talibani administration have been facing severe atrocities as well. In November, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released a report stating that the crimes against journalists in Afghanistan are rising. The report by the UNAMA stated that more than 200 journalists have faced human rights abuse since August 2021.

On November 2, the organisation took to Twitter and wrote, ‘Human rights abuses of more than 200 reporters in Afghanistan recorded by UNAMA since August 2021. Record high numbers include arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment, threats, and intimidation. Media in #Afghanistan is in peril. Let us all help #ProtectJournalists #EndImpunity’. In the same month, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also expressed similar concerns. Highlighting that 70 journalists have been killed in 2022 all over the world, the UN Secretary-General urged for the end of ‘the common culture Impunity’. Hence, the recent assertions by the Taliban administration have the potential to make many anxious about the future.

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