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GUNMEN attack

The question about steps to take when faced with a gunman is a global problem. Remember that over the years we have been given the notion that the security men and local vigilantes will keep us safe. 

Another question: how come we are attacked at home and in the diaspora with no consequences so far?

We lose lives, valuables, and hope for a better tomorrow. Our leaders only tell us to continue praying. We will pray, but henceforth make our security our first business.

Remember that your security is your first business. The call is for everyone to rise to personal safety in the face of armed lawless men and women in this age.

What do you do when faced with a Gunman?

1. According to security experts, the first thing to do is to leave the location of the attack, find an exit, and run!

2. If you cannot leave hide; hide under the table chairs, or lie low

3. Buy time by barricading the door after locking it

4. Switch off all sources of light and put your phone in silence mode.

5. Text someone, simple sentences like ” A gunman is in my house, help me.”

6. Call for help and give details the best way you can

7. When cornered, prepare to fight back tactically. The element of surprise will help you gain the upper edge during attacks, aim for the assault rifle, point it away from yourself, and fight for your life.


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