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Nkechi Blessing

The controversial actress Nkechi Blessing has said she can’t be in a relationship with a man who insists on being celibate, in reaction to Fancy Acholonu’s revelation about her 5-year relationship with Alexx Ekubo.

By Cypher Ilerioluwa
Duduspree News, Texas

She admitted that s*x is sweet and, as such, one can’t be in a relationship without s*x.

In a recent interview, Alexx Ekubo’s ex-fiancée disclosed that the actor refused to have sexual relations with her for the entire five years of their relationship, citing religious convictions as the justification.

Nkechi blessing had stated that his decision to refrain from touching her had left her feeling very perplexed and that it had affected her self-esteem.

In response to the expose, Nkechi stated that she would never be in a relationship where she would not have intimacy with her partner.

To bolster her case, Nkechi compared the situation to buying a car without first testing it or a suya without first tasting it.

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Many people have since shared their views on the comment.

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